Pocket Watch Care

Preparing your watch for use

When you receive your new pocket watch, please ensure you remove all protective films.  These are clear plastic and often marked with a coloured dot to make them visible. 

Your Watch is opened using the button above the crown.  Just push the Botton in and the front should pop open to reveal the watch face, 

Changing the time on your watch

Open the watch and pull the crown upwards, you should feel a slight click and you can now move the crown freely in a clockwise direction to change the time. One the time is set, ensure you push the crown firmly back into place, 

Battery Information

Your pocket watch is complete with a 1.5v AG4 battery.  Should you need to change the battery, please follow the instructions below. 

Changing the battery

If your battery stop working, you may need to change the battery.  You can take your watch to the Jewellers for this or follow the directions below.

1) Find the crescent indent along the edge of the watch back

2) Use a blunt, thin object placed in the crescent to gently pry the back off.  You can use a butter knife for example. 

3) Remove the plastic insert and replace the battery. Be sure to replace the plastic insert before firmly squeezing the back of the watch back in place. 

Top Sellers
Orange Order Round Tie Clip

Orange Order Round Tie Clip£7.50

Guinness Round Pin Badge

Guinness Round Pin Badge£4.50

Imperial Coat of Arms Iran Round Pin Badge

Imperial Coat of Arms Iran Round Pin Badge£4.50

County Roscommon (Ireland) Round Pin Badge

County Roscommon (Ireland) Round Pin Badge£4.50

County Fermanagh (UK) Round Pin Badge

County Fermanagh (UK) Round Pin Badge£4.50

Paschal Lamb of God Round Pin Badge

Paschal Lamb of God Round Pin Badge£4.50

County Kilkenny (Ireland) Leather Key Fob

County Kilkenny (Ireland) Leather Key Fob£6.99

County Kilkenny (Ireland) Metal Key Ring

County Kilkenny (Ireland) Metal Key Ring£6.99

Golliwog Chrome Key Ring

Golliwog Chrome Key Ring£6.99

HMAS Stalwart Pocket Watch

HMAS Stalwart Pocket Watch£21.99

County Kilkenny (Ireland) Golf Ball Marker

County Kilkenny (Ireland) Golf Ball Marker£7.99

Golliwog Flip Top Lighter

Golliwog Flip Top Lighter£13.99

Duncan Scottish Clan Round Pin Badge

Duncan Scottish Clan Round Pin Badge£4.50

High Sheriff Round Pin Badge

High Sheriff Round Pin Badge£4.50